Wild,.... Wilder,...... Wildest...!

My Physics exam is approaching, but I am not in mood to study rigorously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, which appears very common here.
Students here devote lot of time in solving questions only along with cramming, rather than propelling in the concept which drive the question. So, coming to the point,
I can visualize any Physics concept in action inside my mind about which I had studied.
Therefore,on similar notion, while I was going through some online articles yesterday, I came across a good imagination game:

Here, Objective is simple. One had to choose any one piece among the 20 pieces, and try to imagine wildest concept which can come in mind by looking at it.
This test checks how wild we can think by just looking at any small part of a complete picture which is printed in our minds.


  1. Numbering is from left to right, as we do in matrices.
  2. Imagination should be in realms of Community Guidelines.

I choose image number one.

Oh…never mind. :smirk:


Yea I wanted that one too. Many memories across space and time.


Looking at it, there’s just something about it…



All the images invoke something… like …


Image-ination games!

Oh yes, I suck at math. What are matrices, again? xD

  1. The cute cat mouth you see in anime.


  2. A rubber stamp


  3. Three old men standing in a line at the bank; their heads clean because they lost all hair working at the same bank.

  4. Obviously a synthwave reference

  5. I’d like to see it as a minimalist mehrab. They are often too beautiful :wink:

  6. A boomerang. No discussion to be had about it.

  7. An oversimplified logo. It still has four intersections, which I believe will end up being the reason why this company dies. Hopefully, they’ll simplify the logo further and make it a full circle.

  8. You certainly want someone to step over those pins.

  9. Trees?

  10. The snake from panel 11.

  11. A snake climbing over a lady’s hair. They need not always be harmful (youtube link), but I obviously recommend not getting close to one.
    Talking of snakes, I’m reminded of an interesting news article. Snake bites man in India, man bites back and kills it in bizarre ‘revenge’

  12. A window opened? Or a book? Pretty much the same. Books are the window to knowledge. :wink:

  13. Two snakes gasping for breath, after the man from (11) bit them.

  14. Silhouette trees upright or snow laden trees upside down? If its the later, I hope the camera man is not actually trapped in sheets of ice.

  15. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, but the protagonist is unlucky and both roads are dead end.
    Something Indians would describe as “aage kuan, peechhe khaai”. Roughly translates to “Well in front and a ditch behind”.

  16. Those are students beside each other at back of the class, away from professor’s eye. For legal reasons I don’t endorse adventures in classrooms.

  17. Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
    But the very next day, you gave it away
    This year, to save me from tears
    I’ll give it to someone special

  18. Shovel kind of thing to remove snow? Doesn’t snow at my place idk. Could also be a tiny trolley with a handle.

  19. Peanuts in shell. A note to all the peanut butter fans : how do you even eat that thing? /s

  20. Reminds me of the horrors of tricky mathematics questions you need to solve so as to get into technical universities here.


So, during the exam week, I do everything else apart from actually studying man_facepalming

Oh yes, who studies for exams?

According to me:-

  1. portion of wings of bat
  2. shadow of some person if flipped image by 90 degrees.
  3. Button of Chef’s coat, who had cooked dish for picture no. 4.
  4. Some dish kept inside the covering, which requires peanut . @flyingcakes
  5. Perfect symmetrical architecture.
  6. moustache of chef in picture 3.
  7. Beginner’s first design from Inkscape.
  8. Ancient style obstacle for pinball game.
  9. Road through the hills.
  10. tail of monkey who will climb on tree of next image.
  11. some sort of creepy vines on a tree.
  12. unfolded matchbox.
  13. hands of person who shows shadow art.
  14. few people of arctic or cooler region, holding each other hands.
  15. see-through(transparent) bill printing machine.
  16. Gap between 2 teeth of someone, where peanut can stuck. @flyingcakes :wink:
  17. snowfall over the people’s head of one of the person of image 14.
  18. something stacked along he wall( triangular portion ) and viewed from top.
  19. To me, it looks like an apparatus where 2 silver drops were kept, and then were tested for centrifugal behaviour.
  20. (a)Waveform, which we study in Huygens’s wave theory
    (b)Gravitational field if viewed from right.
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