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Not usre this should be here, but I have been ‘expanding’ my mind trying to get QEMU/KVM setup for running VM’s in the background. My mind may have expanded, but it has not yet clarified!

I need to give it LOTSA memory, quite a bit of disk space etc as it will be running compiles and package builds most of the time. Sorting out the options for install is quite a task! Oh, and I don’t like VirtualBox for anything beyond running Windows, both of the times I do that in the average year…

Any links you can point me at (preferably not for Ubuntu!) would be appreciated…

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During the last two days I happen to have started playing around with VMs. and have been busy wrecking a Xubuntu system, Bodhi, EOS and NetBSD on them since then.
Even though you prefer links not for Ubuntu, this German ubuntuusers article (with some help of the arch wiki) has led me to using AQEMU as a graphical front end. The instructions how to use it are as easy that I am able to use it well as a beginner.
As far as I have seen so far, it’s easy to give the VMs a lot of memory and disk space in AQEMU, simply by moving sliders in a window before booting the VM.


I have used Qemu. It’s not hard to set up. Its the steps you need in the set up to switch it to UEFI as it defaults BIOS and the Network part is also a nuisance. They have to be done during the setup of each vm and then you launch it at the end.

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