Wifi seems to cut in and out on KDE

Hey all, recently dual booted my pc to get into the world of Linux. After booting in getting discord setup and browsing the web etc i noticed multiple times in 10 minutes my connection would just drop entirely.
I’m not exactly sure where to start as its my first time on linux. I have looked up a couple threads and some people point at fast startup/boot for windows could be causing it but i have that disabled so i am kind of stuck.

My pc specs are as follows:
cpu: 3600xt
mobo: asrock b450m steel legend
gpu: 3060
wifi card: Intel AX200
ram: Corsair vengeance pro 32gb and 3200mhz

I would also agree that you should turn off the fast start up feature in Windows under power management. The Intel AX200 uses iwlwifi There is no other driver and only firmware. It could be an issue with discord? You can also check the section on platform noise.


Edit: There are things you can try such as another network channel on your router settings. Also not sure if you are using 5 GHz or 2.4 Ghz. 5 Ghz is less likely to drop supposedly.