WIfi not connecting

Check again as before with journalctl -f while connecting and see if you get some relevant info.

Also, reboot once. It can make miracles sometimes :wink:

Just for clarification: Did you install the latest driver?
Should be this one I guess:

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It didn’t work…
and the return from the journalctl -f is the same as before

how do i do it

Should be

yay -S rtl8192eu
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what do i do when asked diffs to show

Ignore that, just press enter (or type “N”)

ok ty.

Doesn’t seem to work. But thank you for all the help and patience…
I have to call it a day for now. Hopefully I figure out how to do it.

What type of authentication do you use?
If WEP, it is not supported by wpa_supplicant.

If you mean wifi security type
then WPA/WPA2 personal.

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Did you reboot after installing rtl8192eu package?

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After enabling services, a reboot is always needed!