Wifi incorrect in my notebook

after installing EndevourOS on the PC, I installed the same one on the Notebook and everything seemed to work: the wifi network was recognized … etc. for health reasons I turn off the router at night and in the morning when I switched the router back on EndeavorOS no longer recognized my wifi network even though it found many others: what could have happened? Note: the MX distribution (Debian derivative) is installed on the same notebook and does not pose these problems.
what to do ? thanks in advance

Hi faberta,

it’s really weird… How are you checking for available connections? Is it default xfce applet? Check for example if wifi-menu (console tool) show the same results.

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Hello Faberta,
Is it possible you could show the output of the command


lspci -nnk | grep -i net -A2

And if the NIC is connected internally (or externally) via USB? :wink:


Knowing the concrete NIC alone, however, is not enough to find the cause.

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Just knowing the hardware is helpful. I agree knowing more is always more helpful. :wink:

I apologize for the delay in the response but I think the problem does not concern the hardware (hp pavillon dv 6000) and I explain why.
on this “laptop” two distributions are installed on the hard disk: 1) EndeavourOS; 2) MX OS (based on debian).
the MX OS recognizes my wifi network without problems; on Endeavor many wifi networks are recognized but not mine. (on my router, TP-LINK mod TD -W8961ND, the access point is active). In the MX / OS etc / NetworkManager folder the “system-connection” file can be visited; in EndeavourOS there are no access permissions. Today, by connecting with an Ethernet cable, I updated Networkmanager but the result has not changed. “kernel drive in use = ws”.

these are three images of the situation if they can serve something
lspci%20image wifi-menu

If you have Ethernet then in Endeavour install
Then install

Edit: You’ll need to reboot after installing these.