Wifi Card Not Working Properly in EndeavorOS

Hello, I recently switched from Windows 10 to EndeavorOS. I am happy with the distribution but I have a problem. My wifi card that works in Windows does not work properly here, it works but not completely, for example, the light that shows that it is working does not light up and its performance is very low, it downloads games at 5mhz on steam, my disk receives data slowly in the same way, can you help me how to fix this, it’s a little frustrating.

Welcome @Ersin! :wave: :sunglasses: :enos_flag:

As a first step, perhaps share your hardware information. Run this command in the console (referenced from here), which will generate a summary of hardware info and provide you with a link you can share here:

inxi -Fxxc0z | eos-sendlog

And to clarify the issue, WiFi is working, but it’s running very slowly? If that’s the case, can you also confirm whether you’re using a VPN or proxy, or something like that?

Hardware ;
I3-13100 CPU
ARC a-750 GPU
500 SSD
AC1200 Wierless Card 5g(5G not working)
----I don’t use any vpn or proxy but I think the problem is with steam because it runs slow on ssd

I’m downloading 90gb game with 1mph internet and 5mph ssd speed hahahha

If you’d prefer not to output your full hardware info (as seems to be the case), then you can output just the network info. Note, sensitive details, like your MAC address, are explicitly filtered from the output of these commands (c0z).

inxi -nxxc0z | eos-sendlog

What makes you say that? An SSD, even an old one, should be significantly more capable than that.

With everything else closed, how does a speedtest perform?

no, I’m trying to say that it performs better on windows not because my hardware is inadequate, I’m saying that this is not the actual performance.

speed test:
12mbps Download
3mbps Upload

This is as I’ve understood it.

Can I assume this the result of an Internet speedtest under Endeavour?


Ok :+1:

Now, what speeds might you consider normal, under Windows?

so my internet speed in windows was 23mbps on steam and my ssd speed was 50-60mbps

Without specific hardware details, it’s a needle in a haystack guessing game at the moment.

ahahah anyway no problem no harm in waiting is the only game I will download anyway thank you for your time bro.

While you wait you could try fix your problem,
you were asked for information,
copy the command given earlier: inxi -nxxc0z | eos-sendlog
CTRL+ALT+T will bring up your terminal
SHIFT+CTRL+V will paste the command. press enter to run it.

I’m still learning too so the information will likely be better utilised by someone else mind.

But I think the most likely reason you are slow is you are set to use the 2g wifi band only.
You can check this using the network gui.
Or just post the info from the command as it should be mentioned there too.

My network is a somewhat faster on linux.
The bumps in the road are learning opportunities, better than the meta being the reward.

The information about the WiFi card is needed. Not just that is an AC 1200 standard.

inxi -Na

EDit: If dual booting on Windows make sure that the fast startup feature under Windows power management is disabled.

i founded a page on github that may help you https://github.com/morrownr/USB-WiFi/blob/main/home/USB_WiFi_Adapters_that_are_supported_with_Linux_in-kernel_drivers.md