Wifi, and screen issues

So recently, I got myself a Dell Latitude 5480, and while everything worked fine until now, I still have some issues with it.

For whatever reason, I have those weird lines on the bottom on the screen, and they don’t appear in something outside of the OS, like the BIOS.

Since recently, I can’t connect to WiFi anymore, followed by error messages at boot up.

But one thing that was always there, is the fact that when I disable WiFi, it soft locked the system. I could still interact with some things, but the taskbar didn’t responded, or I couldn’t open/close apps.

System specs
Since I can’t connect the machine to the internet, I had to take pictures.

X11 or Wayland?

Running X11.

Try lts kernel, see if it helps

Installed it.
The lines are still there, but I managed to disable disable Wifi without issue.

Do you have the intel driver installed? xf86-video-intel Maybe try removing the intel driver, reboot and run on the kernel module.

Sorry for the late answer.
I apparently didn’t had them installed, so I did, rebooted, and the lines are still there.
Being it LTS (6.6.15-1-LTS), or the latest Arch kernel

I think @ricklinux meant you could uninstall xf86-video-intel if you have it.
The package is meant for very old machines, much older than yours (seemingly).

Also, if you have a particular X config file under /etc/X11, you may need to remove it (but make a backup of it first, just in case).

Edit: is the motherboard firmware up to date?

I’ve uninstalled it, then removed the X11 folder (after making a backup), and I couldn’t log-in to the GUI anymore. Recovering the folder made it working again, but the lines are still there.

Also yes, the BIOS’ up to date.

Do you have any files under /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d ?

Here’s the directory structure.

╰─>$ tree X11/
├── xinit
│   ├── xinitrc
│   ├── xinitrc.d
│   │   ├── 40-libcanberra-gtk-module.sh
│   │   └── 50-systemd-user.sh
│   └── xserverrc
└── xorg.conf.d
    └── 00-keyboard.conf

4 directories, 5 files

Thanks. So no graphics config file there.
The Arch wiki has good info about configuring graphics.