WiFi and efi weirdness

Been having intermittent issues with WiFi, rfkill list showing nothing but Bluetooth, just missing everywhere every few boots do it it would seem but just ended up with a whole streak in the end one of my restarts the EFI just disappeared from boot options (recurring issue that i thought I had narrowed down to booting into shell or avoiding the linux loader)

After fixing the boot issue the WiFi now works so this is mostly a notice of is there any known issues surrounding all this

My fix for booting is

Mount /dev/nvme0n1p2 /mnt
Mount /dev/nvme0n1p1 /mnt/efi
Arch-chroot /mnt
Bootctl install

Not sure the actual issue causing it but I have that on my ventoy and boot into endeavouros installer there and run that to repair my booting and then just fix the boot order

edit: on pc and noticed one of the pinned topics I didn’t see, guessing slightly less relevant to the wifi issues now

inxi: http://ix.io/4Ioa
journalctl: http://ix.io/4Iob
and for completion, lsblk

sda         disk   1.8T gpt    
├─sda1      part    16M gpt    
└─sda2      part   1.8T gpt    ntfs
sdb         disk   3.6T gpt    
└─sdb1      part   3.6T gpt    ntfs
sdc         disk 465.8G gpt    
├─sdc1      part    16M gpt    
└─sdc2      part 465.7G gpt    ntfs
sdd         disk 238.5G gpt    
├─sdd1      part 110.4G gpt    exfat
├─sdd2      part    32M gpt    vfat
└─sdd3      part   127G gpt    exfat
nvme1n1     disk   1.9T gpt    
└─nvme1n1p1 part   1.9T gpt    ext4
nvme0n1     disk 465.8G gpt    
├─nvme0n1p1 part  1000M gpt    vfat
└─nvme0n1p2 part 464.8G gpt    ext4

also seems my phone autocorrected some of my stuff

Not sure what your boot issue problem was but the WiFi is iwlwifi which is a kernel module. You have Intel Wireless-AC 9260. If you have Windows installed as dual boot you need to disable the fast startup feature in Windows power management. That’s one thing that could cause WiFi issues. Other than that at the moment I’m not sure.

Just did that now, thanks.

dual boot is setup between 2 different drives if that were to minimise impact, not sure but think one of my boot option removal moments has happened after running stuff on windows before so maybe this’ll help that in some way :person_shrugging:

Hopefully don’t have the issues anymore and it was just windows being windows, and if I do? Hopefully bootctl install continues to act as a panacea LOL

If there’s anything else I can consider/check out as a preventative measure or a hunt then that’d be nice :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully it’s working okay for you now.