Widget Scaling/Placement in 6.1

Just now getting to test drive Plasma 6.1.1 from a clean install. I like the new Edit Mode, though it seems a bit choppy and awkward for me. The weirdest issue is that Widgets don’t seem to scale or snap the same way as before, and it’s really hard to line them up.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Same widgets and same display scaling that I was using on 5.27 and 6.0

EDIT: should probably clarify that I’m referring to desktop widgets (not on the taskbar)

Just gave it a try. Everything seems fine to me. Nothing felt choppy. I’m unsure what you mean by “snapping” when it comes to widgets. As for scaling, I have two 1440p monitors set to 125% scaling and whenever I grew or shrunk the widgets via their handle it appeared to do so in a smooth manner.

I did notice that my clock was moving, I “fixed” this by making it take up all the space horizontal but this is more just a workaround

I didn’t explain this very well. Here’s an example, which I placed in 6.0:

Getting the size and alignment correct seems more difficult on 6.1. Maybe it’s just down to the zooming out of the desktop in the new edit mode.

Hey, I just saw this in the weekly kde dev blog https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=481829. Seems there was an issue with widget scaling being choppy and they fixed it in a newer version. I must not have noticed.