Wi-fi SSID only shows up if router is on during boot

The other thing that might be affecting things is the fact that you’re passing this through to a VM - that could be creating a set of issues. Might be worth trying with a bare metal installation, or at least a live installer environment (assuming you can get the wifi driver installed - maybe copy the existing package from the VM)?

I’m not using the computer as an access point. I’m also not using USB tethering, the phone is being used as a router.

Unfortunately I can’t install on bare metal per my company policy.
But they do let me install Virtualbox on Windows…

But they don’t let you have internet?

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Doesn’t have to be that laptop. Also, using a live installer environment isn’t “installing”.

They do, of course. But I’m bypassing the corporate firewall using my phone… :sweat_smile:

Maybe they block you. :laughing:

Strangely enough, the problem doesn’t seem to occur on Endeavour Xfce…