Why would you use AUR Android Studio over direct download?

I have been using the AUR Android Studio, but unlike Windows, each time there is even a small update, it seemed that the package manager has to download the whole installer (± 1GB) and decompress/compress again to create a package which takes a lot of CPU and time. Also, the created packages are cached in the build directory taking GB’s of storage.

Then I realised that I could just use the directly-downloaded version from Google’s website. And with this, update could be done by just downloading a small patch, just like under Windows. Other than I have to create a start menu entry myself, if you chose to use AUR version, what do you think are the advantages of the AUR version over the direct-download version?

Seems the way you are doing it from source is the better option IMO, Advantages of AUR = if maintainer keeps it up to date you don’t have to worry about checking for updates as it will update with yay, Disadvantage = probably have to check for updates yourself

But Android Studio has in-built update notification and update feature… It updates itself (which fails in the AUR version).

Than that would be the better option if I were to use it, I didn’t realise it had this so it will make life easier

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I’ve seen AUR packages that just install AppImages onto your system. To each his own. :sweat_smile:


The AUR package seems to download the package from Google as well:


Nothing is built. It only installs the binary/binaries.

So, it looks like you may be better off with the direct download as it has an update feature and the updates are smaller.


I rarely start AS itself, so at least it gets updated from the aur. I do most component updates from the cli with sdkmanager --update or you can use sdkmanager --list and copy the component you want to update and put it like this ‘sdkmanager --install “system-images;android-34;google_apis;x86_64”’ to update, you can put multiple components in separate quote marks.

But I rarely update, because they tend to break things(latest emulator doesn’t work for me). Sometimes I update for the SDK packages to be up to date.

Main reason I would give the AUR over the Direct Download is a MIM Attack. Google is a big company that gets hacked all the time. That alone makes it very shady for me to fully trust. In the case your dealing with It seems much easier and less hassle to do direct download however I would always advise caution when installing /updating packages from any source.