Why Would You not Use Systemd?

Ok ok… so there is only one question left!


gimme it to me!!1

but seriously, for me, i dont care if systemd or not. My Server is except of Proxmox himself systemd free (all machines devuan).

My Backup Machine (backupf if my main system have any problem, no data) behind my Desk where i sit right now, runs Artix with openrc.

And if im honest, i did notice the “mass exodus” to systemd, and always wondered why, as well as read many wikie entries about what systemd was and what advantages it had, but honestly never understood it. So I understand the discussion from both sides, but the actual discussion not really.

If I now compare, for example, the Artix machine with the Endeavouros machine, the Endeavouros machine can do nothing that the Artix machine can not also and vice versa.

But probably I’m honestly just too stupid to understand this :slight_smile:

The problem I have but also with ALSA->Pulseaudio->Pipewire, X->Wayland, “Old AUR Upload mechanism”->New one with Git and certainly with some other things I have forgotten in the meantime


Final Answer… EndeavourOS!

Using system D has had little effect on how I use operating systems. I use some associated commands from time to time.

Even though I haven’t touched it for 8 years, the choice of a distro for me has never been done according to religious systemd/non-systemd points of view.

So far everything had worked fine and probably still would. Therefore there was no reason for me to change anything.

But there is a bit more to a good distro today than just having systemdfree branding.

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MX uses doesn’t use systemd by default, although they provide an option at login for people to choose it if they so wish. I’ve tried it both ways during the times I’ve installed MX on older machines and couldn’t tell the difference. As a rank-and-file user I don’t care either way, really.


I’ve created an Artix Linux vm to see what it’s all about. I haven’t messed around with it too much yet, but what I have noticed is it is quite tedious. I installed open-vm-tools and had to write some scripts, I need to run in order to start the service. I would probably have to do this for all the daemons and services I use…

One problem with systemd-free distros that are based on distros which use systemd is that the packages that come from upstream expect systemd to be available.

The experience might be better on a distro that is system-free at the top level. For example, void.

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