Why would a distro release a new kernel and not include virtualbox headers

well it wasnt this distro but another as yet unnamed

just annoying when i upgrade and a kernel disappears that i was using well and the new one isnt complete to meet my needs…

ya know…


Not really… Could you be more specific?

could i? yes…

will i? hmmm…

may just be time to move on i guess.

We would have to try all Arch based distros then… :face_with_monocle:

It probably depends on the kernel - any kernel it should be removed (or migrated from etc.) after it becomes unmaintained by the kernel developers.

So, I’d just go with the normal advice:

  • If you want the latest stuff then use the latest short-term release and keep an LTS as backup, or
  • If you want something which will work without changes for a long time then stick with an LTS kernel.

This is more of an issue - it implies whatever release management they have in place isn’t working. They shouldn’t be releasing a new kernel without having all the necessary modules available in some way (otherwise they will be breaking people’s installations). If this is a common issue with the distro then I’d be looking for a new one. :grin:

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as it happens i reinstalled 5.8 and all is well again with that… 5.9 got updated so i could use my virtualbox. frustrates me how it played out… time lost and all
ah well… could have been worse.

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