Why there is no obvious way to set power settings (e.g. sleep settings) under Budgie?

Why there is no obvious way to set power settings (e.g. sleep settings)?

I’m using budgie desktop with EndeavourOS and I can’t seem to find a way to set the power settings, similar to Windows where I can set when it would sleep or not.

You are either missing packages that provide access to those settings, or you’re looking in the wrong place.

Let’s look at the optional dependencies:

$ pacman -Si budgie-desktop
Repository      : community
Name            : budgie-desktop
Version         : 10.5.2+24+g7a5dcfda-1
Depends On      : accountsservice  gnome-bluetooth  gnome-menus  gnome-session  gnome-themes-standard  graphene  libibus  libpeas  libwnck3  mutter
Optional Deps   : budgie-desktop-view: Desktop icons
                  gnome-backgrounds: Default background
                  gnome-control-center: System settings
                  gnome-screensaver: Lock screen
                  network-manager-applet: Network management

gnome-control-center very much sounds related, so do you have that installed?

You can also read more about configuring Budgie under Arch via the wiki: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Budgie

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Right click on empty space on the desktop, then click on “system settings”.

In the left column, click on “Power”. Unless you have a lap top, I would turn “Automatic Suspend” off. The rest are pretty explanatory.

Go back to the “Settings” screen and in the left column, click on “Privacy” then click on “screenlock”. Now set up your screen lock.