Why the Media Images Not Downloadable?

Just want to know why the images under media images in the main site are not downloadable? Is there a place where I could get those images from?


Bottom of Download page

There are multiple mirrors, to me they seem to work…perhaps it’s some local / provider problems?

No no my friend, not those images. I meant the images which are here (png images). :smiley:

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Try here :slight_smile:

Although maybe they need to be directly accessible on site via some hyperlinks @joekamprad @Bryanpwo ? :upside_down_face:

webp is nice and stuff, but it’s not the source as on GitHub :penguin:


Awesome thank you friend. But why it’s not working from the site? would be easier though. Would like to request from the web deve’s to link those image if possible.

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I will put them up very soon, they might have gotten lost with the recent updates of the WordPress update and/or the theme update.


The download function on the page is fixed again.


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