Why my other disks not showing when I try to save a file?

When I try to save an image from Firefox to my PC it doesn’t show the other disks that I have in the section “Other Locations”. I’ve used other distros like Garuda and it shows the other disks where I can save. I don’t think the window at the left is dolphin because right click is disabled. At the right you can see that I have 2 other disks, but not showing at the left:

I know I can access that disks via /mnt but this is a little thing that annoys me. For me, that disks shortcuts are very useful

It is because that is a GTK file dialog.

If you want to use a KDE file dialog with Firefox you can.

Set GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 and install xdg-desktop-portal-kde


Yes, that was the solution. But I have to install xdg-desktop-portal too btw in order to this to work

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