Why is middle click to paste sticky note not working anymore?

In KDE Plasma there is a feature which let you paste sticky nodes on your desktop when pressing mouse wheel. 2 weeks ago I redownloaded the os and now this feature isn’t working anymore.

I think that should enable it, but it doesn’t work either

Have you made sure you have copied text? It doesn’t add blank notes

yes I copied text, this is not the problem

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Ok, just thought I would check, works fine on mine, have you all check that the sticky notes widget is installed? I know not all widgets are included by default

Is the name of the widget just sticky notes? Because I cannot find it under “paste” “sticky note” or just “note(s)”. But when I click on “get new widget” I don’t find it there either

I’m about 90% sure it’s part of this package


Thanks it really is part of the package. Kinda weird it wasn’t preinstalled like the last time I downloaded the os, but you helped me so much

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You’re welcome

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