Why I'm here?

Let me introduce myself if I may. I’m not your typical computer geek by any means, but I have been playing with computers since the mid 80’s til now when computers and printers cost thousands of dollars. The first computer I experienced was a Vic-20 and Commodore 64 . I used a HP computer and printer at my place of early employment that cost thousands of dollars. I mean thousands. . … At this time you could purchase a 486 or 386sx computer for about ($3000) for a complete packaged system. The IBM ‘peanut’ was coming into vogue also. My first expensive computer was a Radio Shack ‘Tandy’ with floppy. I even attempted at some point to learn programming first with ‘Basic’ then I went to Pascal. Bought books on Python, Perl, and Java. Software language compilers were much simpler then. I wouldn’t know where to start using ‘Lazarus ide’ or Java today. It’s a complex field when it comes to computer science. You have to know a lot of things and be especially good with code and programming jargon. I’m 70 years young now and it’s not an old man’s game and I might add the last 20 years has seen some phenomenal development in software and hardware especially Linux. I’ve built a few computers (old by today’s standards) but at least I got the hang of putting together the modular assemblies . (i.e. motherboard, video cards, ram, drives, power supply, case, etc.etc.etc.) I’ve found this stuff all pretty interesting and the software has been really good and for the most part and amazing now what can be done now. To me it’s been a quest to use the computer for what I want it to be used for. . . i.e. (panorama photography, astronomy, computer aided drafting, weather, and general internet browsing., office tasks and music. I’ve played some games but for the most part thought it was a waste for such a piece of equipment that would allow you to do more work and interest related tasks at hand. I’m not a gamer by any means. . . I must admit some things are harder for me to do now than ever though I feel cutting to the chase in it’s simplest form gets results quicker than most of the reading one is required to do to get things done. None the less Linux is far superior to Windows IMHO. Windows to me reflects a ‘Capitalist’ wet dream to control people and computers for Bill’s own ‘Monopolist’ end game. . .to get rich at the cost of everyone’s freedom to choose. That’s why I chose Linux. . . a community driven enterprise with no strings attached, with no bullshit licensing fees, purchase and registration. A world wide community of people doing things for people and their computers. This is what ‘freedom’ means to me. (so much for my rant. . . . ) . You guys have done a great job with Endeavor Linux. . . . I’ve distro hopped over the last 20 years and have used most of the top 15 distro’s. Repetition was my learning tool. Keep up the good work. Thankyou for an excellent OS.

Richard :wink:


Hello @rich52
Everything you have said is right on the money. I agree with you and I’m in your wheel house. Welcome aboard.


welcome to the purple wonderland :enos:
me born in 1973 :beers:


Thanks guy’s and gals . . . for this short moment to express my feeling and opinions concerning these matters. It’s been a road well traveled for me and worth the wait. Continued success to you all.

Richard :wink:


Welcome to the EndeavourOS with us! :smile:


welcome to purple side of Arch :enos_flag:



You speak full from my soul, welcome to the forum! Btw, I am 61 years old :wink:


Your path is pretty much the same as mine. My first computer experience was in 1974 or 75 on a Unix computer at work (AT&T).

My first home computer was a Sinclair ZX81. A Kit that you had to assemble.
Next a TI 99A. Then a Packard Bell x286 machine. Using Borland’s Turbo Pascal, I wrote a DOS 6 program for managing Go Kart races. Registration, printing line ups, posting results, etc and selling it in the US and Canada.

Oh, btw I’m 71.


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Well said, well done, @rich52 . A warm welcome aboard & enjoy our common endeavour & Endeavour. :enos: :enos_flag:

Hi Richard welcome aboard!
I’m, just a young puppy, born in the summer of 65.

Richard 2.

Welcome to the community :beers:

Welcome to the :enos: purple side of Linux.

I personally have no beef with Windows because if it wasn’t for that OS I wouldn’t be who I am today. Yeah, it has security and personal data issues. These things mostly came to light after Bill anyway companies will be companies.

Welcome from me too :slightly_smiling_face:
EndeavourOS, as you probably already know, has lots of room for tinkering and making it your own. So don’t worry if you want a different colour or color, you can still have a good home here :smile:
Personally I love all the purple theming, but that’s just a coincidence :grinning:

Hear hear!! I have rant envy. To each of your points my mental reply was: “I should’ve said that.”