Why I went back to Xorg, for now

No doubt Wayland may become the Gnome display manager of the future, but it’s far from there yet. I would give it maybe a year.

I am aware that Xorg was designed in the days when “hacking” meant a fast coder, so I get it that Wayland has security in the forefront of the developers’ minds. But, alas, I must return to Xorg, at least for now.

The feature that improves my workflow, is to drag a program to the workspace thumbnail. I do this because Automove Windows extension does not load the pages as ordered in either Wayland or Xorg.


If anyone knows how to get scroll wheel to cycle through the workspaces, and get Automove Windows to do what it claims, to load workspaces with applications, then I might consider Wayland again. Until then, Xorg does at least scroll through workspaces. Has Wayland given us a a Alt-F2 shortcut?

Yeah, I need Xeyes, so Wayland is out of the question, for now.



But I see you are also security conscious. What can be done to beef up Xorg’s security?

Never, ever connect to the internet - that should help :rofl:


Be mindful of the software you’re running. Check the PKGBUILD and makefiles when installing from the AUR. Don’t download random “pirated” flatpaks :rofl:


Always do, and AUR is my last resort

Have not found a need to install any flatpaks yet.

Great tips, thank you.

At work, and it has been a while since I used gnome, does Gnome Wayland work with wmctrl? I know bits of it work under wayland. Does

wmctrl -s 2 

Change the desktop to desktop 3. If it does you can script everything.

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It does.

So, a quick script would do it:

wmctrl -s <desknumber> # Numbering starts at 0 = desktop 1

Then copy the desktop file to <can’t remember - /usr/share/local/applications just a guess> :smiley: , to overide the one in /usr/share/applications and edit the exec line and put the script in.

Or just use xorg :rofl:

:edit: ~/.local/share/applications is probably the correct place.

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Electrified canasta wire. Machine gun emplacements. Antitank obstructions.


I also prefer Xorg but gnome is unusable for me at the moment. I upload and download a lot of images so I’ll be using KDE and XFCE until they fix the file choser window

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Fair point but you say Gnome is the problem not Wayland.

Yeah. The reason I don’t use Wayland is different

It’s because I’m on a laptop and I don’t like using the libinput driver on touchpads. The lack of settings options and inability to get rid of the dead edges makes it unusable for me

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How does Xorg help with that? I am also on a laptop and tried tweaking libinput to stop the jerky touchpad control.