Why don't I have sound?

Just got desktop machine back from repair lady, connected everything and everything works fine. Except I don’t get any sound. :hear_no_evil: When I check the settings I get GK104 and Matisse both deactivated and no option to switch them on again.
My audio cable goes into a mini stereo system, and usually makes great disco. Works flawlessly with all our other machines, just not with the good gaming desktop. :woozy_face:
That can’t be right, right?

NVM, PC was crashed and only semi-functional. All good now.

Are you saying sound is now working?

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Yes, Rick. I didn’t notice the machine was semi-krashered at that time. I did update, installed kernel 6, now everything is werking to full satisfaction.

In that case, you might want to mark the topic as solved by selecting your post as solution.

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If only I knew how. Can’t find any button for it. Tried to delete but not allowed.

That’s very strange. If I recall, it should be a big green button marked “Solution” near “Like” and “Reply”, on posts in the topic, including your own. Except the first post of the topic, probably.

Perhaps it’s only big and green when you hover over it, though.

Click on the … and check solution.

Don’t do it! :frog:


Got it!!!
On which post do I click tho? On all of them?

No just the one you feel is the solution.

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