Why doesn't every Linux ISO have a media integrity check option?

About a year ago, I downloaded an ISO of Linux Mint 20.3, verified the checksum and successfully created a bootable USB using Etcher. When I booted from it, I saw the “integrity check” option and thought, why not?
Surprisingly, it had detected an error. I created another bootable USB with a different flash drive and checked again, no error. Faulty flash drive I guess.
What would’ve happened if I had proceeded with the errored USB? Would it have failed to install or would it have successfully installed and given me a corrupted installation? I don’t know, it’s a question that worries me, and since that day I’ve wanted integrity checks on every Linux ISO since verifying the checksum no longer seemed bulletproof.

So why is this option not included with every bootable ISO nowadays? It seems like a harmless and useful option to have in the GRUB menu for the bootable media. Fedora has it, OpenSUSE has it I think, but nothing else I tried had it. Ubuntu 20.04 had it but in Ubuntu 22.04 they removed it, and by extension it’s gone in Linux Mint, too.

Checksum alone is not enough, it can tell that the download was OK.
If you want more security, the ISO should be signed as well. And you should be able to check that the signature is valid, e.g. from the EndeavourOS site.


The OP is mentioning a check after USB is flashed, for the USB itself. Not the ISO file.

That would just be verifying the image write?

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I may have misinterpreted OP’s question…

When you boot the live iso you have a integrity check. With a old ISO of kde neon that look like that.

Not sure why it matters if it has one or not? It’s never bothered me. My ISO’s are not a problem. They write…they work!

Its probably more for detecting bad USB stick.

1 month ago, my brother needed to reinstall is OS and for some reason he was unable to boot the installer. I’ve try to look for him, but everything was looking good. He purchase a new one and … Turn out it was a faulty USB stick.

Maybe this check could have saving us some time and fuel. :thinking: