Why are these systems mounting ? ( cache, efi, log, swap)?


I am trying to figure our the reason for this behaviour.
As you would notice that all my folders are getting mounted.

/filesystem root

when I click on “home” it throws back an error saying this cannot be “unmounted”
Please note the drive indicated “Toshiba” is an external drive which I use for timeshift only.

I’m assuming you’re logged into your computer and not as chroot -

You can’t unmount a drive in use, that’s all.

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Yes. I am logged into to my computer. I did not chroot.
Good stuff !
So there is noting need from the user side

This looks like a standard EnOS install on BTRFS in UEFI mode.


You could look into your /etc/fstab to see what subvolumes are created by the installer and where they get mounted in the filesystem.

What shows in your fstab file. What is strange is i only see that same screen if i am in email and I’m attaching a file. I can click back and forth between the panels but I’m not trying to unmount anything.

Edit: As an example same screen

Edit2: This is on a standard btrfs install so it’s supposed to be like this.