Which privacy browser?

Btw I have ran into an issue sometimes: I unfortunately connected my facebook account with Spotify back in the day and that’s the only reason I have an account now. But i have noticed that on Firefox, with the container running, I sometimes can’ validate Spotify (If starting spotify for the first time on that computer) unless I disable the container.
It’s not all that strange, but it’s worth remembering if you can’t get into Spotify.

You might try putting spotify into the facebook container if it bothers you.

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I use the app, not the browser version :slight_smile:

But if the browser settings are effecting it, it must be using your browser for something even if it is just for some kind of transparent authentication.

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Firefox i say default and best for most … for me I still make my mind up :thinking:


Qutebrowser " https://qutebrowser.org/index.html "

Badwolf " https://hacktivis.me/projects/badwolf "

I think Qutebrowser and Badwolf wining for me ATM

For now Firefox is best, but…

Future doesn’t seem so bright at all :expressionless:


I agree Firefox is my browser of choice also. I use a couple of extensions only for video/music. If i use a chrome browser i stick with chromium. It’s my backup browser installed.

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Exact same setup here.
Tried ungoogled Chromium for a while but it’s been burning holes in my lap whenever it compiled forever, so I eventuelly gave up on it.

Makes me think that it’s actually a good thing that not everyone is running Linux and compiling away, would be quite an energy drain…

I agree. Unfortunately, Mozilla seems to have been working hard for years to reduce the number of users more and more. I also see Firefox as an extension of Google. Mozilla’s promises are not worth anything anymore. I might as well use Chromium, because I know from the beginning where I stand and I don’t get any promises which are not kept. Sadly …


This is why I left Opera.

In November 2016, the original Norwegian owner of Opera sold his stake in the business to a Chinese consortium under the name Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund I Limited Partnership for $600 million.


And like a sucker, I followed him to Vivaldi.

I agree Firefox is currently the only browser I use, I’ve used most.


with uBlock origin, privacy badger and facebook container add ons
ok, sometimes I have to disable privacy badger :slight_smile:


Another growing issue with Mozilla is the company, not the browser:
The higher ups have tripled their payouts and bonuses over the last year(s) while laying off people. Never a good sign.

It usually means the board is no longer seeing a future for the company and plunder it while it still has money.


but to which browser should I move then?
the best option I could think of is chromium

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That’s also the worst in terms of future, because it would help to monopolize chromium based browsers further :woozy_face:

So…That’s tough choice everyone of us should somehow make
I personally prefer to sit on Firefox until / when it will explode :boom:


I personally use Vivaldi. It is a very good (but Chromium based) browser. It has a lot of fiddly settings tho (basically it’s the KDE Plasma of browsers). It has the basic privacy stuff up front in settings unlike Chrome / Chromium tho.
Another option which is very good (and also Chromium based, like 99.9% of browsers) is Brave. I don’t use it for political reasons (The founder have made a few questionable decisions over the years and “voluntarily left” Mozilla 2013 for acting against their policy.

It is probably the most secure Chromium based browser on the market, maybe outside Ungoogled Chromium but that one is not practical to use, at least for me.


Same feeling here. I’ll use it as long as possible. It’s the best browser IMO. And not talking just about privacy. It’s miles better than Chromium for development.


Really , there is no choice but Firefox ! No other browser that I know of will let you secure your browser .
By default Firefox has to play the game , mostly same as others . Big difference is they still give one the ability to secure the browser .
I researched this topic years ago when Chromium first appeared . Ya I to drank the cool-aid !
I can’t remember what caused me to start my research , but I was shocked .
It like a never ending nightmere , always some form of spyware trying to get into or on my Linux system . Yes theres always a new player in the game but beware ! Read the Doc’s not the sales pitch .
Don’t ask , do your own research .

Hint - get into your preferences , secure it .

Some things I do , and a couple tests I use to verify security :

  • Search engine = https://search.privacytools.io/searx/ all others removed in preferences .
  • I bookmark everytrhing , never use history . History set to do not remember .
  • My addon list ( No-script , HTTPS-Everywhere , Privacy Badger , Cookie-auto-delete , Disconnect ,
    Decentraleyes , Ublock Origin ) . Nothing else .

2 tests I use to check my browser security :

Most is done in the preferences , results on tests passed . No pop-ups or adverts and no tracking !
Good luck with the other browsers . MS new browser based on Chromium , and I wonder why !

Everyone has a level of security they want , each to there own . This is my basic set-up that gives me the level i want . Only Firefox gives me this ability ! Yes everything still works !


Well, to me defaults was never good anyway, so… :slight_smile:


I prefer Firefox for browsing (using the strict setting) with :duck::duck::walking_man: privacy add-on. I use Chromium for development tasks.

Even if you are sneaking through the forest or the neighborhood - you leave traces (browserleaks.com) - so in the end it is a matter of habits.

I have 5 basic rules of engagement when dealing with the internet.

  1. Different browsers for different tasks
    • Firefox
    • Chromium
    • Vivaldi
  2. Use alternative search engines
    • duckduckgo
    • startpage
  3. Use only one good privacy plugin
    • duckduckgo
    • ublockorigin
    • adblockplus
  4. Never browse sites with questionable content (warez, torrents, pr*n)
    • if you must - use VPN
  5. To obfuscate the trail use a serious VPN provider
    • mullvad
    • protonvpn
    • nordvpn