Which pastebin service do you use ? Anything in the repos other than pastebinit?

I was using pastebin.com for a very long time but then some IRC channels told me not to use pastebin.com on their channel so I moved to https://paste2.org/ but again same thing happened. I was told not to use that.

I am searching for a pastebin service that’s in the default repos so that I don’t have to go through the process of launching a browser & visiting a website. The only pastebin service that I found in the repos is pastebinit.

Any other pastebin service other than pastebinit in the repos ?

Which pastebin service do you use ?

I´m using https://notebin.de/ which is a servive from https://adminforge.de or https://paste.dismail.de/ which is a service from https://dismail.de/.


I rarely use it, but when I do, PrivateBin instance on Garuda Linux homepage works fine:


With termbin, no need to install dedicated package. You probably have netcat installed, so you can use command

cat ~/file.txt | nc termbin.com 9999
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