Which package provides this out of the box brightness control?

Hi there dear eos team!

Next to my question, I also want to add my feedback, that you guys amazed me from day 0, you are true wizards, I hope you know that :smiley:

For context (TLDR under the pic):
No matter how many distros I installed in the past, no matter how many distrohops I made, none of them could provide out of the box brightness control on the plasma widget, - but your distro on the other hand does - even in live enviroment- , and I can’t seem to figure out which package (or custom config?) provides that.

I know powerdevil and power-profiles-daemon are in combo for the Plasma’s widget “Brightness control” to properly work, but for example on openSUSE, Debian, Fedora, MX, Kubuntu, KDE-Neon (all of these KDE Plasma ofcourse) while these packages are installed, they don’t seem to give access to brigthness controlling on the same exact monitor, while endeavouros somehow magically makes it possible :open_mouth: These small little things make me love this distro from my heart :heart: Since I’m a curious little creature, I still need to know the “secret” :smiley:

Sorry my machine is in Hungarian, but I’m talking about that slider.

TL;DR: Which package or “universal” config provides this out of the box hardware level brightness control under the hood, that you - eos developers - successfully built-in by default?

Perhaps ddcutil

Checked those also (i2c-tools too), those are preinstalled and yet they ain’t providing brightness control on said distros o.O

I observed that by default the user is added to sys group on eos, but not added in any other distros. Could it be the key?

@Magus , did any of your previous installs/distros already have KDE Plasma 6?

I think this feature popped up into its current location in Plasma 6.

Thanks for your reply. Yes they were perfectly identical (except debian, mx and kubuntu), qt version the same, kde frameworks the same, and plasma 6 yepp. And still those distros couldn’t manage brightness on hardware level.

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well ill just take it as is, it works, we don’t know how and why, but it works :smiley:

This meme describes it the most accurate xD


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