Which one's your use: Grub vs systemD and DE?

What do you think about using budgie instead of gnome?

Grub so I can boot into the snapshots if needed.

Gnome as it has the best support for Wayland and my multiple screens using hp usb-c dock. Also, seems more polished and I like minimal design vs greater customization which I was into earlier part of my Linux journey.

Best feature for Gnome imo is the accessibility setting to make fonts larger and it can pinned to status bar for quick access. When I undock, I can quickly make the text larger (1.25) scaling and everything just works.

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I think someone already mentioned this above but getting other people’s opinions about DEs is fairly pointless. The reason for this is that 95% of the differences between DEs are completely subjective.

Everyone will tell you what they prefer but it in the end all that matters is what you prefer. The only way to find the best DE for you is to try them and see which ones you like.

Here are a few objective points:

  • KDE and Gnome are the most widely used and the best supported DEs
  • Budgie, Cinnamon, Gnome and KDE tend to evolve faster and be under more active development than lxqt, Mate and xfce
  • Gnome and KDE both support both Wayland and X11. The others support only X11 currently

Of course, there are also WMs which have their own pros and cons.

Ultimately, it is all about what you like.


I’ve never used Budgie but it looks like Budgie is a classic desktop experience, I like Gnome because it’s different than a classic desktop experience and it has similarities to the workflow of a tiling window manager(which I used to use) without me having to setup everything manually. If you are running Arch it seems you have to manually theme and setup how you want it to look, which is one of the reason why I stopped using tiling window managers at home because I dislike having to setup everything manually. Also as mentioned in my first reply because of the Wayland support, so it would be Gnome or KDE Plasma. I use stock Gnome, the only thing I change is the wallpaper and have maybe 3 extensions which are nice to have but I can live without them when they break when upgrading to the next Gnome version.

If it’s actually USB 3.1 then none of these choices really matter. Assuming it is a SATA3 SSD than the drive itself will be slower than the USB transfer speed.

Being a relative Noob with all things Linux, I was bit twice with Grub. So when EndeavourOS switch to SystemD as the default, I reinstalled it that way. I’ve had no problems since. I favor the Cinnamon desktop, but also enjoy Budgie.


SystemD since I installed Endeavour OS works like a Charme and Mate


I wonder if I could make gnome to look like windows 11 or 10

If not then I’d go with KDE, since it’s compatible with Wayland too and I don’t want screen tearing as much


I mean if this were to work in endeavour os, I don’t want the whole world to know that I’m using Linux

If you want something that looks like windows, then use windows.


Neh, Linux is known to be customisable, I like this the most, cuz besides the java and python work I’d do I also want to make some dope designs

KDE Plasma would be the better choice for that.

Why don’t you want others to know you are using Linux?

What he said because of the point about you mentioning you don’t want others to know you are using Linux.

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Meh, I don’t want to be the off standard guy, everyone is using windows in my squad xD

It’s about friends looking weird at me LMAO

Thanks, but I decided, it’s KDE + SystemD bootloader

I like that endeavour is usually faster than Ubuntu and for me it’s a selling point

I used enough debian, I’ll return with the windows like design as soon as I’m done xD

Not many people here will care to see your Windows like design because most people here run EndeavourOS or another distribution because it’s different than Windows not because they want to run something like or similar looking to Windows.

Alright, thanks!

I just don’t want people to see me like the black sheep when going to a Starbucks and booting up the PC xD

Anyway, after Many years I start to see why people love KDE :))))

I know that only EFISTUB is faster than Grub and Systemd-boot. If your motherboard already has a UEFI chip built in that can directly boot a kernel with EFISTUB support. Any third-party bootloader is not required for the mainboard.
I am sure Grub, systemd-boot … are third party bootloaders that provide various features.
If you do not need these features, the third party bootloaders would be “bloat” .

PS: I like using limine as the third-party bootloader because it can check any boot images by checksum. It can alert me when booting any selected corrupted or fake boot image from unsafe FAT32 ESP and stop it immediately.

Perhaps this:


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Kde, is very useful for my eyes with this feature: (I’m at 118.75 now, last year 112.5 :slight_smile: )


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