Which of the DE use Wayland by default

Which of the DEs use wayland by default?

At this moment Gnome and Plasma.

Plasma support is kinda experimental as far as I know. You can add Sway to the list, but it is the “”“port”"" i3 for Wayland, not a DE.

Gnome is fully working with wayland.

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Didn’t they change it to Wayland with the latest Plasma release?

I have to verify. A simple echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE in Konsole will tell is wayland is used or not.

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No plasma has a seporate wayland session you have to choose defaukt x is default, gnome is standard wayland

Ah, okay thank you for this info.

You can manuel start wayland session in plasma, but that workout is just in a sezzion package

Is it stable? i was looking for an option to have different pixel-scaling for each monitor (laptop monitor being full HD is a bit strenuous on the eyes) and I heard wayland could do that

I did not test it, so I can’t say :frowning:

I was asking about Gnome. I realize I didn’t specify. So is Gnome with wayland stable? Anyone who uses it notice anything strange or missing compared to gnome with Xorg

To me it is still laggy and not every app works perfectly with their xorg translator.

I think this was my experience also when I last tried. was curious about the current state.

Why me? :rofl:


Things still aren’t resolved, lockscreen gives a black screen and sometimes the wallpaper glitches after being locked.

Thanks, I think I’ll be looking into it again in a few months to see if it’s a worthy replacement for XFCE.

My current XFCE instance is highly unstable. Not sure what I did to bork it, but I will probably have to reinstall the system soon because of it. The panel sometimes forgets to add new windows buttons and i have to restart xfce-panel. Network-manager applet takes about a minute to respond to commands, sometimes it glitches and its icon is corrupted only to show up again after some time. On top of that I had the system freeze up and reboot itself after resume. At this point I’m not using suspend anymore.

Did you try the netinstaller and install XFCE without BASE, this means you get the vanilla install.

It’s not a matter of installer. I am still on my 1.5 yrs old Antergos install transformed to pure Arch. But something broke XFCE stability in the last 2-3 months. Maybe the switch to 4.14 or maybe just me tinkering around. I’m waiting for the new machine so I’ve put off reinstalling the system, since i’ll have to do a clean install at that time anyway.

What I meant by that was to have a clean install without any extra software, then it will be easier to solve.

please tell me, net installer just xfce4? or all system os? i read about this, and i see just all sysytem. if is netinstaller what i know from ubuntu,debian , so i never used him.