Which kernel patches are included in Arch?


I was wondering which kernel patches are included in the arch kernels. When I follow the source link from the PKGBUILD it looks like a straight fork of Torvalds kernel repo with no extra patches at all. Is that correct? No arch specific kernel patches?

Here are the source files used to build the package linux:


There do not seem to be any patches applied, at least not for this version. The PKGBUILD has the provision to apply patches, though, but none seem to be present.

EDIT: I was wrong, see post #4.


Yes. Mostly. This is why Greg KH runs Arch. There’s even a “rolling” and “rolling-lts” branch of the kernel which matches exactly the Arch kernel.


There are some patches.

They apply these in their git repository rather than in the PKGBUILD:


M$ owned GitHub…really?

Why asking?

Microsoft buyed Github already years ago?

That was rhetorical question about Arch using that.

Due to the size they don’t want to self-host that repo.

Why not. Let MS pay for it. :wink:


EOS uses it too, btw :):

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Question is why not GitLab (not self-hosted) then…there are plenty of ways to do that without any connection to that :poop:hole of trouble.

You can not avoid that anyway.

Imagine how many Mirrors from Arch, AUR and other Software runs on Windows or use Windows Programs/utilities for that :wink:

You can perfectly avoid it on distribution / main repo level, which is all that you should care about in terms of security / privacy for distro, especially when it comes to all that M$ AI and <3 open-source crap.

It’s 2+2=4, ain’t it?

I can think of few places where any sane developer / maintainer should shove that M$ <3 open-source :woozy_face:

Ah ok. Do you like my Desktop? <3

I don’t care, coz you’re not base of my distro :slight_smile:

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Don’t know. They probably want to mirror from github.com/torvalds/linux and that would require a premium account at GitLab.

Really? Than i would simply download everything from http://github.com/torvalds/linux and upload it to gitlab via script :crazy_face:

But this probably violence some Terms and Aggrements from Gitlab :sweat_smile:

No…i don’t think it does

Yes it does. You can import from a non-gitlab repository, but you when you want to have it constantly pulling the changes, you need to have a premium account:


Yes you infact need a Premium account.



@moson was faster :slight_smile:

Excuses…excuses :unamused:

Fsck M$ :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Hehe. Do you even now how many Lines of Code Microsoft submitted/contribruted to the Linux Kernel? There are ten thousands from Microsoft :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: