Which iso to install bspwm?

Do I download the “regular” iso then follow the github instructions? I want to end up with bspwm without other WM if possible.


You can use the latest ISO and choose to not install any desktop/wm. Then install whatever you want after the install.

There are tons of options, the basic method is highlighted by @dalto above. You can easily run numerous wms (I run 5 most of the time when using x11). The wms rarely, if ever, conflict. A good, simple display manager like sddm or lightdm, can give you very simple direct access from any installed/available wm (or DE for that matter).

If you want to read tons of details on options and approaches, I offer nearly 5 years’ worth of Free tutorials and guidance here (if this offends the moderators, please feel free to remove the link/ post)