Which graphic tablet is suitable for me

Hey guys,

due to COVID-19 the situation in universities has changed a lot. The major part of lectures is hold online. In order to slow down presentations I would like to include some handwriting parts in it.

Coming to my question: Which graphic tablet is suitable for such usage and what programs can I use to do the handwriting like on a piece of paper?

Thanks a lot!

I use two very affordable HUION graphic tablets (HS611 and H430p) in combination with Xournal++ (xournalpp).

Xournal++ lets you export your pages in pdf format with or without page backgrounds (rule, graph etc.). You can also load a pdf as a background and annotate it.

Both tablets and xournalpp are easy to set up on EndeavourOS. I even got the tablet buttons to work.


:grin: That’s exactly what I use my tablets for.