Which DNS service do you use?

I use Quad9 for about a year now but since about 3 weeks I have serious problems. It sometimes takes up to 20(!) seconds to load a page. I already suspected that it’s a DNS problem but I wasn’t sure until today when I found an article on a german tech portal. It explains that Quad9 currently has problems with their servers in Frankfurt/Germany. ( For those interrested in the article: https://www.heise.de/news/DNS-Dienst-Quad9-hat-massive-Lastprobleme-in-Frankfurt-6204506.html )

So I think I may try NextDNS now. From what I know it should be similar to Quad9 in terms of privacy/security (although it doesn’t seem to share Quad9s no logging policy) and besides it also blocks ads, trackers and security threats (for up to 300k queries/month on the free tier).

So I wonder which service you use and why you have chosen it. (Maybe there’s a better alternative to Quad9 than NextDNS?)

I run my own using unbound and couple of VPS. :grin:

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pi-hole running on odroid n2. Actually I’ve had quad9 set up as upstream servers. At some point (couple of months ago) I was facing quite some issues (high response times / timeouts) with quad9 though. I’ve then switched to the cloudflare ones as upstream :scream:

I am using pi-hole, with quad9 and opendns as the upstream. no real reason why i choose those two.

using unbound querying root servers directly, filtered by pfblockerng

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