Which compile flags smbd 4.17.5? / older version installable?

Hello All,
these days reinstalled eos from latest image.
Network clients such as document scanner can not connect anymore to samba share.
Narrowed it down to the version of smbd, where since 4.16. compile flags are offered to enable or disable smb1 support.
How to invest which compile flags have been used for building smbd 4.17.5 ?
I am relating to this source: https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_4.17_Features_added/changed#Samba_4.17.5 search for literal “–with-smb1-server” . This passage got me on that point.
The point is, that the smb.conf flags are accepted but internally ignored. only for swiching upwards to smb2 is available.
tcpdump ing shows, that no port 139 is data receiving. always after negotiationg on 137 it uses port 443 for further communication towards EOS server.

Is there a way to install an older smbd version and mark it to prevent beeing updated ?

Thank you and greetings

FIrewall on lower right side of KDE desktop
After allowing samba all is fine.