Which commands activates the Input method (on screen keyboard) in KDE Plasma?

I am using EndeavourOS KDE in a touch screen laptop.

I have noticed that while the maliit-keyboard appears when I touch on the input method icon, it does not appear again after pulling it down.

If I run pkill maliit-keyboard and then click on the on the input method icon again, then it appears.

I am planning to assign a shortcut in the panel which will run pkill maliit-keyboard and then run the command to pull up the on-screen-keyboard on demand.

What is the command that is executed when one clicks on the input-method plasmoid (that brings up the on-screen-keyboard)?

They seem to have fixed the issue on Plasma mobile, but not on Plasma desktop. Which is why, I will try to make a workaround with a keyboard icon on the panel which will kill the non-responsive on-screen-keyboard running in the background, and call the input method to regenerate it.