Which comand for normal Plasma installation?


I have installed Cassini Neo with the normal XFCE Interface.
Now I want to test Plasma too.

I saw this article in the wiki:

But now I don’t know which command is the right one, if I want Plasma installed like it was installed directly from the ISO.

Installing multiple DEs is not a great way to test them. A VM is a much better solution if you have at least 8GB of RAM. You will avoid potential conflicts that way.

Try this:

sudo pacman -S eos-packagelist
eos-packagelist KDE-Desktop --install

I know it is not the best solution.
But I have a snapshot of my system, so I can revert back easily :wink:

Does that include a snapshot of your $HOME? If not you may at the very least end up with a lot of lint in .local, .config, etc.

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