Which are the best tools to use Google Drive on Linux?

If you open the *.kdbx file with doubleclick maybe KeePassXC can “remember” the path to the file.
KeePassXC → Wertkzeuge → Einstellungen → Programmstart → Zuletzt verwendete Datenbank merken / Beim Start zuletzt verwendete Datenbank öffnen

Because you’ve mentioned nautilus, I’m assuming you are using Gnome, and not KDE. kio-drive is a KDE package (my answer above was to a KDE user). Do you have gvfs-goa and gvfs-google installed?

not working, sorry but good thought.

Actually I am on KDE with Nautilus.
Only other Applications are not able getting access to this kind of Google Drive implementation.
Looks like I have to face rclone/insync?

:dizzy_face: That’s the beauty of Linux - so many choices…

For two way, real time syncing then yes, unfortunately.

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Alright if I have to :confused:
I love how easy something like this is done
in Windows - but I condemn Windows even more :slight_smile:

It’s Google’s fault - they’re perfectly capable of delivering a client for Linux like the one for Windows and Mac, but choose not to.

There has to be a Linux based client in Android/ChromeOS.
Do you think they “decided” not to deliver it? :coffee:


There is no cloud its just someone elses server.

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