Where to get the infos bout the DE that is installed!?

hello dear friends

how to get the infos about the DE that is installed!?

note - i guess it is Xfce -. (see the image below) that i run on a Asus A54L notebook with i 3 CPU

background: i like this DE - its stable and runs well on this old notebook.
On another - also older- notebook (Lenovo T520) i run KDE - and this notebook is pretty slow.

so i guess that i should change the DE on the Lenovo T520

this (probably xfce ) here - is running well

btw - where to verfiy the Desktop Environment that runs on a EOS - installation. -Can this be testet and verified somehow on the terminal.

in other words : can we test - which DE is running - can we see this on terminal!?



you can type this in terminal :


or you can install neofetch where you can see more info :slight_smile:

You can also see it in inxi -Fxz in the second line under Desktop:

Plasma really benefits from an SSD. It runs fine on slower/older cpu/gpu but there is definitely a performance hit when you use slow storage.

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hello and good day

thanks to you and dalto

[martin@martineos ~]$ echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP
[martin@martineos ~]$

many thanks - awesome forum here . - your support
is so great.

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Nice… Xfce is really great DE. You can explore it and when you get bored, try KDE or Gnome :slight_smile:

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hi - many thanks - xe xfce is great and leightweigth