Where is the launch file that rofi uses to execute obs?

I just installed obs-studio and wanted to change the exec obs to exec prime-run obs to use my nivida graphics chip. I just can’t find the file being executed by rofi. (the place where I usually find them is /usr/share/applications/)
Does anyone know where the file for obs is located?

It should be in /usr/share/applications/com.obsproject.Studio.desktop

However, you should never modify that file. Instead copy it to ~/.local/share/applications and modify that copy. The changes in that file will override the desktop in /usr/share/applications

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Why exactly shouldn’t I modify those files?

Two reasons:

  • Your changes will get reset every time the package updates.
  • It is not usually a good idea to modify files installed by a package unless they are part of the backup array(which is almost always only files in /etc) .

Ok, will do.
Thanks for your help!

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