Where do you post about broken AUR packages?

I have come across 2 AUR apps that error out when being built. Is there a way to report these?

aur.archlinux.org you can make a account, you can report it in the comments.


make a pastebin that you can share. explain it well :slight_smile:

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Darn, Archlinux is too scary…

Also, if you’re not certain it’s a packaging issue then you can post in the Arch forum:


or indeed, in this one… :grin:

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One of them is this one (which I need If I want to enter full screen mode). Error occurs on install.
fuse-emulator-sdl 1.5.7-1

Could be nice to start a new thread and include those errors - or check the AUR package page for related comments:



I’ll give it a try, thanks.

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Also this:
openmsx 16.0-1

Yeah, I’m not doing it. I’ve seen too many bodies floating in the Arch sea. I’ll swim in NY harbor before that!

If aur had errror most time look first on the comments en if there is nit report it and pastebin :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No, there’s definitely something wrong with the AUR versions of these two.

sure but sometimes neeed a patch or is nothing help about or is there another source… aur is just a portal rest very depended on things.

Are you ready to go against the AUR?

Do it, other user can benefit from what you have found and the author can update the package. In the worst scenario you will get some insult, nothing so unbearable.


How are you trying to build packages

You need to apply the patch mentioned in the comments. Download the patch, put it in the same directory as the PKGBUILD file and add this to the PKLGBUILD file:

prepare() {
  cd "$srcdir"/fuse-$pkgver
  patch -Np1 -i ../../0001-Remove-duplicate-definition-of-widget_options_settin.patch

This compiles it for me

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try fuse-emularor-sdl 1.5.7-1
The sdl is important as it allows full screen

I think we’re going off-topic for this thread. Maybe start a new thread for issues building specific AUR packages?


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