Where do we draw the line?

Now the title is misleading however it does go to show what happens when you put to much faith in corporations.

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I draw the line at zero.

I have zero smart devices in my home, and zero tolerance for racism.



Well, why the hell would you allow yourself to be so stupid to use “smart” home?
That’s insane, that’s road to slavery.

What next?

That’s next!
If people won’t stop that crap and start to backfire in the most hardcore fashion - we’ll end up here.
Crazy tyrants will make you slave and would kill you at will.

Eat zee bugs…OR ELSE!


drawn at zero. I don’t want anyone deciding what I have to do or how I have to do it


Like you both @r0ckhopper & @keybreak I don’t have technology control my home thats my job :smiley:
Who’s to say that the driver didn’t know said people and just make something up? Ofcourse I cannot say I would let a corporation take full control of anything I own.


Oh bother!
:oncoming_police_car: :policeman:
My AI deep-fake says you’re racist and sexist, and a very bad human being, come with us NOW!!! ™

:clown_face: :earth_africa:

I cannot trust such invasive and insecure smart devices

I would only have some sort of smart home if I made it myself, but never from these corporations

Unless we are handicapped or have some other type of limitation, we don’t really need a smart home, it just makes us lazier at the cost of our privacy, freedom and security :frog:


No fan of Alexa or Alexa like products but I will applaud Amazon and Alexa on this.

Who is “we”? Everyone has to decide for themselves.

BTW: The only sources for this story I found are The Daily Mail and Gizmochina. Just sayin’.

Original article:

(Update) I’ve shared this with Louis Rossmann. I shared with him the videos and emails and he verified this really did happen. I don’t really want to dox myself if I can help it. Link to his video:


Did you actually listen to the video? Or did you just see the word racist and automatically assume?


Why make your post when you know it was unnecessary and shouldn’t have been made. Makes one wonder IF true you would support the person who supposedly got shut down.

And this is exactly why I “declouded” my robot vacuum. Installed Valetudo.

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And who are you to say who gets and doesn’t get sabotaged for what they say or don’t say? Are you, as a Linux user, seriously going to read the headline and think “oh yes go get them Amazon, show those racist bigots who is the real one in charge!!”, because yes, a multi-billion dollar corporation controlling what you can or can’t say and sabotaging you for wrongthink is totally not against our philosophies of freedom and privacy

Are you some distant relative of Klaus Schwab?

Most modern moralists nowadays are just powerless dictators


Alexa, is that you?

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Why are you attacking me? I have not done anything to you I only asked if you actually listened to what was actually going on and apparently the answer is no. Yes I support the person who got shut down Amazon has no right to cut off any services one pays for off of the word of someone else? whom I may add didn’t have to do anything but accuse. Where do we draw the line is a Question of How far are you willing to let a corporation control your entire world? I don’t That is why the post because it is necessary for people to be informed.


This is very true however a lot of newer places especially apartments are having these “Smart Home” installations done as part of the appeal to move to their place with the latest and greatest. This is where a situation like this would really be concerning to me. I have no desire for a “Smart” home. I like my dumb one :joy:

Jeez, really?
I’d keep myself as far away as i possibly can from such property :rofl:
And from real-estate agent trying to sell me that garbage as well…


I’m from the top generation not the bottom one

unlike the picture though you don’t have to say anything anymore now we are just automatically wiretapped