When to keep "unneeded" dependencies?

Dear community,

i regularly use my learning program Anki.

So when there’s an update, i get asked if I want to keep unneeded dependencies after installation.

My understanding on that topic is the following:
These dependencies are “tools” my computer needs to build Anki, but they are not required to run it afterwards.
→ I can delete the tools.

But when I need to update, I’ll probably need the tools again?
→ So it would be clever to leave the dependencies?

But will these dependencies change over time, so they can accumulate?
→ Removing orphans from time to time would do the trick?

Is there a rather fast and noobfriendly way to check whether keeping dependencies would be a smart move?

Thank you very much!

Yes, you understand correctly!

However, personally i’d say no to that:


  1. You don’t use it as a user unless for build once-in-update
  2. It’s BLOAT
  3. It’s potential point of failure / security issue (just logically - more stuff you have installed - more stuff there is to break, this is called “wider attack surface”) this is especially applicable with that program you’ve link, because it uses nodejs / yarn build dependencies which can be huge risk longterm.

But you do you of course :wink:

Not really, just plain logic and your personal needs.



Thank you for this crisp and enlightening answer. :slight_smile:

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