When Liberty makes you lose your shirt 😅

Now, a free and open source phone sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Meet Libery:


But what the …


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This price is crazy for sure!

UNLESS it is real Linux not Android (that is it will be just getting updates/upgrades all the time not just a couple years like Android)
It still needs to be re-evaluated if it is worth it!

I remember I have seen in an Asian country a very elegant shop, pretending to be selling a “unique”, “special”… Android phone with a “brand”, just an Android phone, the selling point is it is expensive, so it just gives a social status to who holds it. No more!

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I thought that the price of Liberty was Eternal Vigilance, not $2,199?


Forever updates or not not worth more than 100 IMHO.

Even if the OS is Linux and rolling release, always updating and upgrading, still the price is too high… the hardware will be very obsolete in a few years especially it is not top end hardware.

I see it just some product to give social status, to tell people “I am a rich guy!” I see it no more than that.

It is has already been obsolete for quite some time.

Not likely. I can’t imagine there is much status in having such a device.

I think there is a greater chance that it is about exploiting certain demographics.


Exactly why it’s not worth more than 100.

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Yes. You have finally grasped it. Now you are free :hugs:

Great! So the phone will be constantly rebooting and breaking compatibility. Sounds lovely. :rofl:

This is an extra selling point in addition to telling people “I am a rich guy!”, “look, my phone gets updated every few hours and is up to date all the time, not like your Android phone or even your iPhone!”

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The operating system, PureOS, is based on Debian. So don’t hold your breath for getting updates every time you use your Liberty :wink:

OH! It wont update 3 or 4 times a day?!!! What a pity! :rofl:

For that you would need one of those as in the picture posted above :rofl:

I really miss these days. Life was much simpler!
DOS, apps just run, no crashes, no freezing, above all NO WINDOZE!

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I was just looking last night at an update for my old Sony Z Ultra backup phone. Seems like Lineage 20 is in beta, and Lineage 19 is available, so android 13 and 12, pretty good for 7-8 year old phone, although it has been used with a few different ROMs over the years. It is still a reasonable backup phone. I’ll skip the PureOS/Purism, seen it before, and skipped then when it was cheaper.