When i close laptop lid keyboard layout goes haywire

This started recently and i can’t find anyone else describing the issue.

I have tried a different keyboard and the issue persists

i will type the title of this thread with the lid closed:
ſħe” → ¢łøße ŧħe łæþŧøþ ł→ð ĸe←“æø¶ð łæ←ø↓ŧ ŋøeß ħæ←ſ→¶e

looks cool but not ideal. i’m a newb and thus my best effort is searching the web for a solution :slight_smile:

i’m using a starlabs computer, it’s very cheap (limited hardware) but purchased in the last year or two


If your setup is using lightdm as the login display manager, you may have accidentally set the keyboard to something undesireable.

You might also examine the following to see if they are helpful:

Given we know nothing about your actual setup, you are going to be forced into hunting around.

Did you check your EOS Live USB to make certain it works correctly on your hardware?