When everything goes wrong

It’s always fun to read Dedoimedo’s adventures in linux world. He can be a real nitpicker what comes to aestethics, but mostly he has some point in his reviews. This time he reviewed EndeavourOS and the results can be only describe as disastrous… :grimacing:

What is you opinion of what was the reason everything went so wrong? Is is hardware problem or ignorance of arch based distros? Or was it just bad luck? Has anybody of you experienced anything like that? I haven’t and I have installed EndeavourOS on many different computers during few months.
EndeavourOS review - It en-devoured my disk …

I think he just had a bad day (lol). I have no issues installing, but much of his issues were simply usage related, and not even Endeavour, but pure Arch or package related.

I follow Dedoimedo (Igor Ljubuncic) since 2006. Over years, I didn’t see from him a single positive article about Arch or its derivaitves. The negative attitude towards Arch was probably best explained in his Why not Arch Linux? article: “…It [Arch] goes against my belief of how technology is done and mastered, and that makes it unsuitable for home use.”

PCLinuxOS is another example of his unloved distros.

Such an attitude towards certain distros seems to be a bit inconsistent. CentOS is not easisier to run and maintain than Arch, but it’s one of the author’s favorite toys.

Not surprised by his EndeavourOS review.

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Reading this it reads like a total, and pardon my expression, noob fiddling with things he don’t understand.

Which is very weird, because supposedly he is a seasoned linux user.

  1. He doesn’t like Xfce. Has nothing to do with the quality of the distro. He also, apparently, doesn’t use it enough to recognize it’s limitations. It is written as if he tried Xfce for the first time ever.
  2. He doesn’t know how to install Plasma OR he is deliberately (and not stating it in the article) not installing everything he wants so he can fake a complaint
  3. He actually mentions that except for Windows and Ubuntu no distro have fully worked on this laptop …What? Sounds like he needs to investigate the laptop. My guess is hardware errors.
  4. He repeats the same thing again; distros “keep failing” on that particular machine but he keeps using it.

In short, again, he is either far FAR less computer savvy than he claims to be or he is deliberately falsifying test results to be able to write “interesting” articles. It sounds like it’s the former, honestly, he is not computer savvy enough to understand when he needs to repair or replace a computer.


Which makes my suspicion that he is far less computer savvy than he thinks he is the more jarring.


Yeah, that’s fairly long to be making the sort of issues he was making for himself (since 2006).
Then again, if you read articles, books, journals,etc today, they appear to have never been copy-read and errors proliferate that should be easily caught. One more example of well, ‘half-assed’. That doesn’t mean I won’t read his stuff, because sometimes he does make good points, but maybe I need more critical eyes on his conclusions.


Who is this, never heard of this person before.

A tool of the industry apparently bought and paid for

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I agree with him regarding pale grey text on white back background. It’s not legible. I never notice it, because I use KDE Plasma and I customise it to my liking. But I see it on the EndeavourOS website, too. Text should be black on white, or white on black/dark grey. Grey on white is not legible, except for people who have perfect eyesight.

The rest of it is just twaddle. He can’t be bothered to use pacman to install things, so EndeavourOS is not going to be a good choice, obviously.

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I disagree, defaults are good for most people except frogs… :frog:

There’s a reason why all major operating systems and software included separate High contrast themes for ages :slight_smile:

This is forgotten art now…

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If you look at his screens high contrast is indeed there he’s just to dim witted to understand.


He is just an old woman complaining about knee creaks. :slight_smile:
And, he always buys the wrong hardware…

(Nothing against old women, though.)


Legendary Linux fringe figure and wannabe geek, often quoted by better journos. Never quite interesting enough to be read by Xhousewifes like yours truly.

Hey, 54 ain’t old. In fact insiders say it’s the new 24. :wink:
Still thank you kindly.


True, even 94 year old women dance!
He is just a complaining guy, this joint creaks, that joint creaks… I only look at his technical posts, if any. He should have look here. Endeavour can be configured any way you want. He should read first – A termininal-centric distro with a vibrant and friendly community in its core.

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Yes, it has become quite clear Dedoimedo doesn’t seem to have much love for Arch and its derivatives. But maybe he has soften a bit. I think he reviewed Manjaro some time ago and it was actually quite positive. Then the main block for him could be the lack of user friendliness. No GUI package manager etc. is a no go for him. But if that’s the case why try to review a distro that claims to be “a terminal-centric”? Masochism, perhaps?


In a world where extra labor was free, proof readers would be a necessary asset but in the real world they ain’t so it falls into the do-it-yourself bracket for the likes of Igor. Suffice to say when the odd spelling or grammatical error takes center stage in a post it suggests the review content might be jangling enough nerves to force a diversion.

On the whole Igor’s reviews are well researched and well executed albeit leaning towards the type of technical nit-picking most home users will never encounter. That said there are considerable challenges for average Linux users with anything Arch based and if there weren’t the associated forums would not be full of bug reports and requests for help. Dismissing these on the basis that folks cannot manage Arch or don’t like Xfce or pacman is the reason so little effort is put into Q&A by many developing teams because their loyal userbase will carry on regardless. Comodo is the best example from the Windows world and anyone who has ever installed their firewall with HIPS will understand why.

Having emerged from the ashes of something else, Endeavour OS has created its own niche and identity within the Linux world but that still doesn’t make it a best fit for everyone. A similar transition is happening between CentOS and Rocky Linux and yet in the clamor for Rocky so many users have failed to notice Springdale which is a better product and came into being well before CentOS. Hell, you can even have KDE4 and still have at least two more years of support if that’s something that appeals.

I think it’s also grossly unfair to cast doubt on someone’s technical ability just because you don’t like what he’s written. If for instance you read Igor’s articles on virtualization and containers you will quickly appreciate he’s quite a league above average users in technical terms. None of this makes his reviews faultless but considering many of the issues he encountered are already replicated in the forum here, it does make his experience pretty accurate.


This is obviously not the case, you can see in the video he is deliberately not installing the full plasma desktop, for example, then complain that the apps he deliberately choose not to install aren’t installed.
That says to me he is either making up issues, or he is on the same level as a new Linux user trying Linux for the first time. Either / or. He is definitely NOT appearing to be a seasoned Linux user that has had a blog since the early 2000s.

Also, again, he definitely at least pretend to be ignorant about the basic functionality of Xfce. Same issue there.

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When he buys all types of laptops in the world, yes. But, right now he has crappy hardware. He writes as though the reader is a fool.

That’s what happens when you have crappy hardware! Not only that, i don’t believe he knows what he is saying or doing. The packages he say’s didn’t install do install on plasma. Complaining about stuff not being in Plasma because he expects it to be tells me he hasn’t done any preliminary reading or checking things out first. Doesn’t know what EndeavourOS is about.

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