What's your go-to game?

Just as the title says. Mines Destiny 2, which I know you can’t play on Linux and is the only reason I keep Windows around. So what are you guys playing on a regular basis? What’s your “I need to unwind” game?

P.S. if your game is Destiny 2 also, hit me up on Steam C4MP3R

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I am always getting back to Civilization, no matter what!


I am old and slow so I don’t play much online shooters anymore, but I still return Insurgency Sandstorm time to time.

No online games for me. Aisleriot, gnome-mahjongg, freecell, iagno, open-invaders, swell-foop, tetravex, xsok, and zaz is about all I really play now days.



GTA online for like. . . 8 years lol.

I’ve got like $30M still and I can play for an hour or a day. There’s always something to do, and they keep adding on.

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These days, my time-waster of choice is No Man’s Sky. At other times, the Borderlands series or MMORPGs like Guild Wars 2 or Elder Scrolls Online.

I was just looking at protondb and it says counter strike GO is native on Linux and yet, it won’t play on any computer I’ve ever had. Pop, Fedora or EOS. . . Hmm. Interesting.

Is this because of BattleEye or EAC? Bungie wants to keep saying that’s why they don’t bring D2 to Linux, but it’s just a lie.

Shouldn’t matter if it’s native.


I play Hearts online on Gamepoint and sometimes a few Elephant games, Hide and seek stuff.

Depending on my mood, Civilization, Borderlands 2 or Doom (Brutal Doom)


The last few months I wasted a lot of time on this new ukrainian fps Shatterline, but I never really play older games again. I started replaying the witcher 3, didn’t finish it though, not as fun as it was in 2017. I find it hard to have nostalgia for anything.

Are there any backgammon players out there? I like gnubg. However, I have a deep suspicion that the game is capable of cheating by rolling a double six when it really needs to. Might just be my suspicious nature or reckless playing.

Yeah, I play it occassionally and also think the game has a tendancy to cheat in favor of itself.

For the last few years, boomer shooters. DOOM, Dusk, Ultrakill, Prodeus, Quake, Amid Evil, etc.

Also been getting into Lord of The Rings Online as of late. Loving exploring Middle Earth


I also enjoy playing Doom from time to time. Not as often as I’d like since I’m busy with other stuff. It is one of those games that has been with me since my teen years and will probably be with me until I die.

My current favourite source-port is DSDA-Doom, which is just a nice fork of PrBoom+.

I also enjoy custom WADs. My current favourite is Sunlust. It’s a rather difficult (at least for my skill level, but I would say the user nobody would find it easy), but very rewarding mega-wad with beautifully designed maps with thousands of enemies (some of the later maps are pure slaughter, but exceptionally well done).

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Diablo II, (soon-to-be) Diablo IV, and Axis & Allies.

Team Fortress 2, it’s stole according to steam statistics about 2k hours of my life.
About a half of it for sure was AFK and running in the background.
But still, that’s a lot.
Found many good friends here, a lot of fun and good time.
Currently I’m keeping it away from my PC, it still consumes you whole and puts in you in a flow, but afterwards there’s only dissapointment and unsatisfaction, with sometimes anger - bad matches/too many bots/cheaters.

I’ve found myself much happier playing on YUZU in the different Nintendo’s coop games. Cause there’s so much of them and it gives you option not just to stare in the screen lonely, but to spend time with your friends and family together physically.
In Kirby’s dream buffet and Mario Party Superstars I’ve laughed a lot. And I didn’t laughed while playing games for a very long time. Felt all spectre of the emotions but not a just joy and laugh for very long time.

Besides of the couch coop games, I still really like DOOM 2016 and DOOM Eternal.
I’m easily go into the flow in this games, but I can easily stop the game session without spending whole day in it. And what’s more important, I feel better and satisfied after the game session.

fallout 4, got a bunch of mods for making extra settlements. im just building and building, must have 50 settlements by now, some are even overlapping. havent bothered with the other parts of the game yet (i did on previous play-throughs though)


how do you manage your mods? mm2 or vortex? how did you install it?