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To make a long story short. . . . after updating my system the other day, my system crashed totally. It may have been corrupted by a file download while I was doing other things on the computer at the same time… . so much for multitasking processors if that’s the case. I’m running an old AMD 8350 8-core processor on 16-gig of ram. I think my system is over 10 years old. . . .

I burned a dvd copy of EndeavourOS Apollo_22-1.Iso and also made a thumb drive copy using ‘Imagewriter’ from AUR repository earlier. The thumbdrive ultimately crashed after a long installation process. . .but the DVD disk worked flawlessly. So I got my system up and running with KDE plasma and with the latest kernel (5.17.9-Arch 1-1). My question is this: When the system is booting up in ‘Grub’ I noticed two line entries. One that says : EndeavourOS, on Linux hardened? and the other EndeavourOS, on Linux.

The system will not boot up on the Linux-hardened. . . it stops on a line that says . . . reached target Graphical interface. . . .and the system just freezes there, like it is looking and can’t find a graphic card. . So I boot up using the other choice : EndeavourOS, on Linux and everything is fine. I can’t remember if the new ‘ISO’ includes a Nvidia graphics installation or not. The computer says my graphics platform is x11. . .
How do I fix the Linux, Hardened option to work and how do I know if I have the latest Nvida driver installed?


I don’t have an answer for the hardened kernel part, but here is a link that will tell you everything you need to know about getting the Nvidia stuff up and running.

and here are some more articles about Nvidia stuff regarding endeavouros https://discovery.endeavouros.com/category/nvidia/

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Looks like you installed the hardened kernel variant.

Oh, that’s another question. I’m going to guess it’s because you didn’t install the DKMS version of the NVIDIA driver so there’s not a working driver module.

Third question. You’d compare the package version on your system with that in the Arch repositories, or the NVIDIA website.


These terminal commands show which nvidia driver you have and what is the latest available:

pacman -Qs nvidia
LANG=C pacman -Si nvidia-dkms | grep ^Version

If you have accidentally installed the hardened linux kernel, you can remove it like this:

sudo pacman -R linux-hardened
sudo pacman -R linux-hardened-headers  # only if installed

A useful and recommended additional kernel is the LTS kernel:

sudo pacman -Syu linux-lts linux-lts-headers
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Manuel, thank you for you input. I do have Nvidia installed (the latest ) and I got rid of the ‘Linux’ hardened kernel and headers. . . in the Grub menu.
System is now running and booting up properly with just the ‘on-Linux’ in the grub menu. I appreciate your help with this matter. EndeavourOS is an excellent distro and the community in forums very helpful. Once again thank you.

Rich :slight_smile:

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