What's the fastest launcher, that also comprehends .desktop files (well, can lauch terminal programs within a terminal)

Hi !
well everything is in the title.
dmenu-wl_run -i seems hella fast, it appears as fas as I can type, unlike wofi, which is slower than the wayland rofi fork, which is still not instantaneous.
problem is dmeny-wl_run is too basic.
the only functionality I need are being native to wayland, fast af and understanding the launching context of an application, for a lack of a better word.
I don’t care for anything else, really. bemenu-run doesn’t work :frowning_face: :

So what about dmenu-wl is too “basic”? :smiley:

“which lists programs in
the user’s PATH and executes the
selected item.”

I would like it to understand that executing “micro” doesn’t mean running “/usr/bin/micro” but actually “/usr/bin/footclient -e micro”, a subtlety wofi and rofi do grasp. I suppose it has to do with .desktop files .

To be frank, with that attitude, I don’t really care about your problem either.

Good luck finding the answer.

sorry I didn’t mean it that way… French here.
I meant that I don’t mind the .desktop standard to be the cause launchers to understand what to do with the executable. No rudeness here. Corrected.

Just edit the micro.desktop file (or whatever it is called) and change the Exec line to something like

Exec=footclient -e micro

You can create a new micro.desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/

I use yofi: minimal but nice and oh so fast.
does understand .desktop out of the box.