Whats the command to run Application Dashboard widget?

What’s the command to launch the ‘Application Dashboard’ widget? I want to make an icon in KDE menu editor that when it’s clicked it launches that widget. I am going to place it in my dock.

Why so complicated? Just add the Widget (plasmoid) to your Dock.

Right click. Add Widget and drag drop it where you like …

It won’t let me drag and drop it into the plank dock I have. I tried that first. I’m forced to create an icon through KDE menu editor and attach the command to the icon that launches and executes the same function.

ah, not the regular panel…

you can try if the following command

plasmawindowed org.kde.plasma.kickerdash

works for you

That command partially worked, but not exactly how I had hoped. It popped up a small window with the KDE Plasma logo in it. When I click the logo, it then launches the Application Dashboard. Won’t quite work for my use. Whatever command is executed from touching that logo on that small window is what I suppose I need. We’re almost there.