What's the chances anyone is in the Phoenix area and needs a free machine?

So, friend of mine had me upgrade his old laptop to an SSD. While I had it, he went out and bought himself a new laptop. So he tells me just to keep the laptop. I have a lot of laptops. I definitely DON’T need another one. It’s old enough that it’s not really worth anything, plus the battery doesn’t even hold a charge anymore. However, might be useful to someone, so figured I’d ask.
It’s a Lenovo G50-30 w/ Pentium N3530/8GB/128GB/1366x768. I did use it to practice skinning when I first got all my stuff, so it’s currently has a bright yellow “carbon fibre” skin on the top and the trackpad. Comes with the power supply. Surprisingly intact except for 1 USB 2 port lost the plastic insert at some point so doesn’t work. If you’re in the area and want it, let me know, it’s free.


Hey, pm me your zip code. I could potentially be available this coming week