Whats default internal audio analog stereo value?

I accidentally changed this value. What is the default percent and default dB value of this?

I’m not sure why this can’t be resolved by you trying values and settling on one you like or that works for your particular use-case?

That is, why does it matter if it’s the “default”? Pick a value (50%, 66%, 100%, …) and move on. You’ll probably end up changing it later anyway via a volume control applet…

The default value was very nice. I could not adjust it for myself.

This now sounds like an XY Problem.

What is the issue you are actually trying to solve?

I searching default internal audio analog stereo value.

Please help me.

Please put the slider somewhere you think it’s nice again (as was suggested before).
And welcome to EndevourOS’ forum!

The default is 61% (-12.81 dB) :wink:

What ever you set your volume at shows it here. There is no preset value. It’s just your volume control.