What would happen if I were to add and switch to the zen Kernel?

I was talking to some friends and I found out that it’s possible to use the Zen Kernel in here(in endeavour os)…

Is anyone using the Zen Kernel?

Is it different from the current kernel a lot?

I read their GitHub page too, but maybe there’s someone using this daily?

  1. A bit more performant for gaming
  2. Less stable than linux or linux-lts
  3. Yes, many people here run it daily and other ones as backup, in case it breaks.

Your ram and your cpu speed increases, just kidding. A few years ago I used it for like a year or so, with games I didn’t noticed a difference in performance and this last week I ran it for a week and still didn’t notice a difference between the default kernel and the zen kernel. Now I am back on the default kernel, I did read somewhere the zen kernel gives you better gaming performance when you are gaming and have another heavy task running in the background.





When I say performance I mean that didn’t not a difference from my gaming experience with the default kernel and that my fps didn’t increase, I didn’t actually do any measurements.

Well, I think I found the answer…

Thanks for answering :blush:

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